Dreieinhalb Tage randvoll mit Workshops, Jams, Konzerten, Panel Talk, Spaß für Kinder und mehr.


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ohne Kennzeichnung = Open Level

♡  = Beginner

= Intermediate/Advanced


Mit der Einteilung in drei Level möchten wir Dir eine Hilfestellung zur Einschätzung des Schwierigkeitsniveausgeben. Du kannst aber selbst entscheiden, welche Kurse Du besuchen möchtest.

Du trägst Dich jeweils am Morgen der Festival-Tage in vor Ort ausgehängte Workshop-Listen ein. Pro Workshop wird es ca. 25 bis 30 Plätze geben.



(nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Introduction to Body Percussion – Schupperkurs

by Charles Raszl/ Ben Schütz/ Rune Thorsteinsson

The taster workshop or introductory workshop gives interested beginners the opportunity to get a feel of the festival atmosphere. The workshop is ideal for all those for whom a whole day or a festival ticket seems too much at the start. Alternating artists offer this workshop every morning. Regular festival participants are also warmly invited to join in!


Heartbeat Grooves (Interm./Adv.)

by Anita Gritsch

We’ll study and play around with grooves & ideas from Anita’s composition Heartbeat. Different percussive patterns and voice are part of it as well as a choreography. The idea is to put the pieces together in the end so we can play a new arrangement of the song!



by Anita Gritsch

We’ll look at the concept of the Clave - originally referring to rhythmical patterns in Cuban/ Latin music - and study different clave versions, comparing them and playing around with their potential in body music and movement.


Play the Festival Songs (Interm./Adv.)

by Ben Schütz

It has become a tradition for Ben to write a song/rhythm choreo for the festival each year. This is then performed at the Body Rhythm Night on the Fabrik stage by the Artists team.

In this workshop Ben will give an insight into his ideas of the last years and in particular the rhythm of the Play Your Body song, which became a YouTube hit in 2020.


Rhythm Mandala

by Charles Raszl and Ben Schütz

Charles and Ben have developed the method of "Mandala Songs". Here the participants stand in several circles from small to large around each other. Each circle has its own rhythm and singing voice. A moving and grooving "Mandala"! The music is influenced by the Brazilian tradition.


Brazilian Rhythm, Dance and Song

by Charles Raszl

The body music technique developed by Charles is a synthesis of his experiences in the fields of music (classical and popular music) and dance (traditional Brazilian, contemporary and capoeira dances), which meet the body percussion developed by the Barbatuques (body-percussion-voice).


Body Percussion and Improvisation Games

by Charles Raszl

Charles will introduce you to basic rudiments of the technique of the Barbatuques group (exploration and combination of timbres in some Brazilian rhythms). He will also approach improvisation through musical games and group conducting.


Batucada Song (Beginners)

by Estêvão Marques

This is a workshop to play and create musical arrangements in group. Sing, dance and have fun! The rhythm is related to the time of each syllable in the song. We will be able to hear the melody, in the sounds of body percussion.

It starts with simple challenges and little by little the game becomes more challenging. You will find songs that are part of the repertoire of children's games, traditional songs from different countries and songs composed by Estêvão.


Music Games (Beginners)

by Estêvão Marques

Songs, dances and rhythms that are used in commemorative celebrations on the streets are reinvented and brought to the classroom.

Let's explore the body percussion and dancing with musical spoons.

This is the great richness of folklore: it is always alive, being recreated in a creative way.


TaKeTiNa | How to experience Flow in odd meters

by Esther Diethelm

Esther and Joachim will guide you into a profound experience of odd meters (5, 7 or 9 beats). TaKeTiNa activates your body knowledge of these wide rhythmic spaces and allows you to get an immediate sense of their specific quality. Odd meters can be a source of inspiration and lead you to new places in your improvisation.


TaKeTiNa | Move & groove in polyrhythms

by Esther Diethelm

We will explore polyrhythmic movements and expand our ability to be aware of several rhythms at the same time. You are gently invited to stretch the limits of your perception and coordination - a challenge and a lot of fun. By getting a sense in your body how to organize polyrhythms and enjoy complexity, you expand your musical comfort zone.


Sing and blend

by Merel Martens

During this workshop Merel will study a score and work on tools for blending sound and rhythm. At the end we'll be a choir ready for a performance! It's not necessary to be a good sight-reader for this workshop, you can also learn by ear.


Composing in the moment (Interm./Adv.)

by Merel Martens

This will be an advanced workshop for those who already know the VoPa signs and feel comfortable improvising. We’re going to practice them while Circle-Singing and put them to use in real time, creating forms, modulating, and anything and everything else. What music can be found inside YOU?


Vocal Painting (Beginners)

by Merel Martens

Vocal Painting (VOPA) is an extensive collection of interactive hand signals to become a new language for vocal art, used to complement conventional conducting techniques of choral music. It currently consists of 75 signals and more are in the making. Vocal Painting is created by Jim Daus. In this workshop Merel will use it to shape your musical ideas in the moment, and let you experience how to use it!


Snap Clap Boom Ungh Zib

by Rune Thorsteinsson

In this workshop we will work with my composition Snap Clap Boom Ungh Zib: A Body Percussion composition for symphony orchestra/ big ensembles.

I will also talk about my process composing the music, rehearsals with the orchestra, instruction videos and creating a partiture for the music.


Rhythm Games, Gumboot Grooves and more…

by Rune Thorsteinsson

In this workshop we will be playing rhythm games and I will teach some body percussion grooves inspired by south African gumboot.

Some of the things we do will be easy for you to integrate in your own work as a teacher and some of the things we do will challenge you as a musicians/ body percussionist.


Rhythm Pedagogy

by Santi Serratosa

Signaling: The sessions on this methodology are eminently practical and executed with instructions in real time.

Sequencing: All exercises and activities are carefully systematized. The constant and regular sequence structures are, in learning, and in its final aesthetic result, critical for the control, planning, implementation and achievement of musical and extra-musical objectives.

Music: The most important overall objective. It is the language with which we will express ourselves, create and feel throughout the learning process or during the playful experience.


Body Percussion choreographies for schools

by Santi Serratosa

In recognition of the body as an instrument, we will develop coordination, concentration and creativity through the use of body percussion. Without forgetting the aesthetics of music and through elaborate sequences, games and creating rhythmic choreography, we will also work to strengthen different ways of learning, one of which being teamwork.


Body Drum&Dance (Interm./Adv.)

by Sarah Lasaki

The Body Drum&Dance workshop combines movement and music. As a longtime dancer and member of "STOMP" Sarah connects the movement with the rhythm so that both are running at the same time. It is about finding out how the body sounds as an instrument in the room and how it moves. With the help of movement and rhythm tools, you will find natural and individual forms of movement that make the body sound in this workshop. With a lot of energy and joy in the matter Sarah infects you directly.


Stage Performance

by Sarah Lasaki

The "Stage Performance" workshop is especially interesting for people who want to bring their art on stage. Whether solo or as a group, it is about the "charisma". How does it sound when a group of people sounds like one person? How do I behave alone on stage? On the basis of game exercises and scenarios, team spirit, self-confidence and fun will be brought out again.

SPECIAL: The player in movement

by Will Lopes

Playing with different qualities and textures of body movements. From meditation dance to games, space exploration and experiments with your body percussion. Where does your music come from? How many layers has the sound of your whole body? Come to play and dance this journey together. ;)

Will Lopes: Brazilian Butoh dancer, actor, performer and theatre director. Bachelor in theatre, master’s degree in communication and Semiotics, studied theatre, dance, dance-theatre, dramatic body mime, physical comic, Butoh, circus, martial arts, and vertical dance. Physical trainer specialized in the Brazilian technique Integral Bamboo. Currently dedicated to classes and courses of dance meditation.

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