Line-up 2021

Barcelona, Spain

The Brazilian dancer, musician, storyteller and non-fiction writer grew up in a musical family. Early on, Estêvão followed the path of Brazilian folklore. He is known as a teacher of the 'San Francisco Orff Course' and for his musical games with spoons.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Last year Merel was awarded Best Choir Conductor and her choir Maze Best Choir in the Netherlands. Through the use of Kodaly and Vocal Painting signs she creates a complete composition out of spontaneous improvisation.

Vic, Spain

The drummer and music therapist from Catalonia created the SSM BigHand (Big Band of Body Percussion). He leads it with his own music sign method. He realizes major projects in schools and has recently published his first book.

São Paulo, Brazil

Charles creates his art with rhythm, capoeira elements and dance. He is a long-time member of the Barbatuques, one of the most influential body percussion groups in the world.
He has been coming to Germany regularly since 2014.

Hamburg, Germany

The native of Hamburg toured the world with the percussion show STOMP for seven years. In her work she combines rhythm, dance and rousing energy. In recent years she has increasingly explored the culture of her Nigerian roots.

Vienna, Austria

Anita is a trainer, artist and author in the fields of music, movement and language with a focus on body music. Her own stage projects and children's plays, among others for the Goethe Institute, have taken her to places all around the world.

Hamburg, Germany

Ben founded the Body Rhythm Festival in 2015 and has been developing it ever since with great enthusiasm. He teaches regular courses in Hamburg, gives workshops at home and abroad and performs at events and music theatre plays.

Valencia, Spain

The Spanish multi-instrumentalist and singer LaCris from the Iberian Peninsula mixes body percussion with electronic sounds and improvises her texts, whether on Spanish television shows or on the streets of her musical "nomadic life".

Hamburg, Germany

The Swiss-born teacher is a specialist for musical group processes using the TaKeTiNa method. Since 1991 Esther has been offering workshops for a wide audience, leading rhythm trainings at music academies, and for orchestras and choirs.


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