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We recommend that you travel by Deutsche Bahn, the HVV public transport system and the inexpensive rental bikes from StadtRAD Hamburg. There are also various car-sharing providers in the city.

The exact times of all events can be found in the schedule.

If you have any questions about the individual events, please take a look at our FAQ.


Eat & Sleep


During the whole weekend the café in the dance studio is open for us. For breakfast you get coffee and tea for free, you can have bread rolls for 2 Euro each. When you book your ticket you can also order a vegetarian lunch for 10 Euro per day, for one, two or all three days. You can only pay in cash on site, the meals are not included in the ticket price. You can also get drinks and snacks at moderate prices in the café. Alternatively, you can find cafés and restaurants nearby that are within walking distance. We also recommend that you bring a water bottle with you, which you can fill up again and again.

Overnight Stay

Due to the COVID situation, an overnight stay on the gymnastic mats in the dance studio will unfortunately probably not be possible in 2023 either.
However, we have reserved a room contingent at the cozy Hotel Schanzenstern Altona. Until 1 February 2023 you can make a reservation enquiry and book single, double or multi-bed rooms there under the keyword "Body Rhythm Festival". Since the places are limited, the rule is: first come first serve. We can also recommend the following accommodations in the area: Superbude, Instant Sleep, B&B Hotel Altona or via and Airbnb.

The form for the selection of your catering wishes appears automatically after your ticket booking has been completed.

Essen & Schlafen
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