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In addition to the annual festival, Ben is active around the clock at Body Rhythm Hamburg, with workshops and regular courses, school projects, as well as team building and show acts for corporate and private events.

The Body Rhythm Festival has no sponsors so far and is financed exclusively from the proceeds of ticket sales. Would you like to support us financially or in any other way? We are looking forward to any help to get the festival up and running.

Ben Schütz

Hamburg, Germany

I'm Ben Schütz. I founded the Body Rhythm Festival as the first international festival for Body Percussion in Germany in 2015 in Hamburg. I was inspired by my work and friendship with Charles Raszl and the group Barbatuques from São Paulo, Brazil. Experiences at the International Body Music Festival and Circle Music Retreats also influence the festival.

Detlef von Boetticher

Hamburg, Germany

I'm Detlef von Boetticher. I have been a partner in the team since 2016. My main focus is the production of the concerts and events of the festival. For more than 20 years I have been teaching Samba groups all over Germany and I run my own school in Hamburg. In my courses I often use body percussion, because I appreciate the great connecting energy.


We would like to thank all those who supported and accompanied us in setting up the festival. Our special thanks goes to Anke Hundius, who helped to bring the festival to life in its first year. We thank Keith Terry, whose artistic vision has brought the worldwide community together.

Further thanks goes to: Fernando Barba, Clemens Künneth, Catrin Zander, Melanie Torney, Kevin Schleuning, Anna Anjos, Andy Klupp, Billie Ukena, Bewegungswelten Team, Fabrik Team, Niko Sieveking, Karla Bauer, Karen Leimig, Eduardo Macedo, J.P. Koch, Aminu Umaru, Jojo Lange-Kabitz, Christian Herrmann, Gabriel Hahn, Georg Tedeschi, Valentin Jagodzinski, Ana Vrbaški, Sarah Lasaki, Anita Gritsch, Pedro Cosorte, Carla Fonseca, Elisa May, Markus Reinhard, Kai Schulz, Max Reckleben, Julia Pfältzer, Hung Nguyen.

We thank our families, in particular Hanna von Boetticher, Lenja Rother, Friederike Martina-Schütz and Klaus Schütz as well as all our friends, colleagues and partners for their energy, their inspiration, their open ears and hearts.



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